PR campaign that makes you sweat

Ideally, if you have a business, you want its reputation to be the absolute best and you want your publics to feel connected to your brand.

Public Relations brings strategy to your campaign and is the key for its success. Since audiences are more resistant to old types of promotion (like advertising and marketing), PR is a cost-effective, original way to promote a brand.

What Powerade did in Germany was fun, engaging, and drew attention to the brand. PR Examples referred to this campaign as one of the top 10 during last year’s month of May. The energy drink company left different types of billboards in three German cities – these billboards made people exercise in exchange for a reward. One of the displays featured a scrolling climbing wall, another one invites people to punch it as hard as they can, while the third one is an ad-lifting pulley bar. This was a way to put together outdoor billboards with the publics’ interaction.

People that pass by are invited to stop and exercise in exchange of a Powerade drink. Adweek explained that this campaign is thought through and followed Powerade’s brand tagline “You have more power than you think”. People of all ages were involved, apparently had a good time, and were engaged with the brand. Physical activity is a big trend right now and this is a way to promote physical interaction with the brand “experience” and with the hand in of the product at the end of the exercise.

According to Coca-Cola, this was a highly awarded campaign, featured in the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, in 2015, and winning one of the places with the “Outdoor” category.



So, what did this campaign get right?

  1. Engagement with the public, where there was direct involvement and interaction;
  2. Fun activity that will be hard to forget;
  3. Good locations with high visibility;
  4. Different way to promote Powerade’s products;
  5. Good way to spread Powerade’s brand message;
  6. Good relation between cost and effectiveness;
  7. Promotion and spread of campaign on Powerade’s social media;
  8. Featured in different PR, Marketing and Advertising websites;
  9. Participation in Cannes Festival of Creativity.


Have a look at the video of the campaign:

The campaign followed the SMART principle, being this one of the reasons why it was so successful. According to the Chartered Management Institute, this acronym stands for:

  • Specific – the brand knew exactly what it wanted to achieve;
  • Measurable – it has to be measurable (through the engagement of the public);
  • Achievable – according to the budget, it is fairly achievable for a brand like Powerade;
  • Realistic – the promotion of the beverages and the public engagement is what it wanted to achieve, which was done;
  • Timed – there was a specific timeframe for the campaign.


It is possible to say that all the good PR done in this campaign led to its success.


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