When even wine rocks social media

The time where social media was an option is no longer a choice. This makes even more sense when we’re talking about brands.

After all, isn’t the point of social media, being social? For a brand to be successful, it needs to be liked by its publics – that means interacting and engaging with them. Social media proves perfect for this and, being a great way of developing relationships between brand and publics, managing positive and negative feedback, and evaluating how successful these relationships are.


Wines of Portugal, the official Portuguese wine entity, has been showing a great digital engagement strategy. This organisation has a lot going on, since Portugal is one of the top ten biggest wine exporters of the world (source: http://www.oiv.int/).

Since promoting Portuguese wine is the focus of this entity (which main objective is consequently leading to exports), it is possible to verify the existence of a planned digital strategy.

You can find some points below that will help understand better how well this organisation is behaving, concerning social media:

  1. Social media is the perfect fit when it regards to branding.

Why? Because branding is about creating affinity, gaining equity and fostering relationships – social media fits here perfectly. All in all, it allows the company to show who they are.

  1. Gives chance to use emotion when telling story. 

Social media allows you to show your personality, giving the opportunity to use an emotional approach, along with an intellectual approach. This means that the shared content has to be relevant and interesting to the target audience.

  1. Allows relevant evaluation of the public’s perception

Any conversation between the business and the consumer has to be thought through. It is imperative to identify, recognise and create points where you can engage with consumers in a human way. This is the good thing about social media: your business has the chance to incorporate a personality and show it while communicating with its publics.

  1. It is an intelligent way to share your brand

Nowadays, the use of technology is a part of our daily lives. This becomes an easy way to share with other users your experience with a certain brand. Individuals are also truly influenced by their networks and it seems like everyone has something to say.

Here are four good examples of Wines of Portugal UK and US, on Facebook and Twitter:

On the first two pictures there is direct engagement with individuals, showing interest on the posts with a personalised comment and a retweet.



On the post below there is a participation in a conversation and Wines of Portugal shows sense of humour, ending with hashtag #PortugalRocks.


It’s possible to see below the use of days that are important to the public (in this case – Mother’s Day). There is also a good reaction from the followers.



What can we take from this example?

  1. Although I couldn’t find negative comments from followers, regarding the overall behaviour of the entity, it is a consistent and engaging brand. It doesn’t ignore the audiences and listens to them – I’m keen to believe they would react to any feedback (positive or not), preventing a possible crisis.
  2. The produced content is very meaningful to the brand itself – it makes a statement and shows its personality.
  3. The brand always engages in conversations, through personalised messages.
  4. Wines of Portugal has different accounts, regarding the different countries. This is a smart thing to do, since it helps to narrow down the public’s interests and habits (especially if it’s present in different countries) . It answers the questions: where is my audience? How old is my audience? What are their preferences?

When audiences feel loved by their brands, it is most likely that they will feel loyal to them and share their experience through social media. Currently, social media cannot be ignored or underrated: it reaches and influences many people. For a national product, more exports can be on sight when social media is part of the brand’s PR strategy.




  • 7 Tips to Stay on Top of Social Media Costumer Service, on: http://www.business2community.com/social-media/7-tips-stay-top-social-media-customer-service-01521673





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