I could not see myself doing anything else – public relations and communications are my favourite practices and I am thrilled to have chosen this path. Currently, I’m doing my master’s in public relations and strategic communication in Leeds Beckett University. After finishing my degree in communication sciences, in Lisbon, I wanted to pursue my studies and focus on PR. My childhood was spent in 3 different countries: United States, Belgium and Portugal. Now it was time to move again. This time, on my own. It has been an adventure to call another country “home”.

Since I arrived in Leeds, a whole new world opened to me: I made new friends, I found a part-time job, did a three month job placement in Different PR agency, freelancing projects with UMPF agency, and finally got a job as an Account Executive in Source Marketing Communications agency.

In my personal life, I am passionate about exceeding myself through fitness routines. I do believe a healthy mind is backed up with a healthy body. Trying to do the possible and impossible is mentally challenging and exciting, and putting the effort, seeing results come to life, is the greatest feeling.

I do enjoy sunny warm days, with the sea always on my sight. I can say that ironically, I could not have chosen a place that is more far from this description (who would have said that the North of England doesn’t have these characteristics?!). Originally from Portugal, more specifically Ericeira (a small surf town just outside Lisbon), I love fish, seafood, and the beach.

As a young PR professional who is for the first time living abroad by herself, this blog is and will be a platform where I share my professional opinions and personal experiences. Please feel free to contact me: details can be found on the “contact” page.




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