Professional Profile




I am a current student of the Public Relations and Strategic Communication Master in Leeds Beckett University, being an enthusiastic and ambitious professional.

With my professional experiences so far, I have developed my interest in PR and I always look up for challenges.

Currently, I work in a PR agency named Source Marketing Communications, as an Account Executive. Dealing with four different accounts, I support social media and contact media, as well as the company’s own PR. Previously, I worked with Different PR where I attended client meetings, wrote press releases, build features’ databases, and supported social media. I have also had a one week placement in UMPF agency, where I was able to experience a different working environment, and a day experience at Quest PR (best small consultancy according to the CIPR).

In Portugal, I had the chance to be a Public Relations intern in the External Communication department of TVI (one of the two private Portuguese television channels). Doing public attendance (answering emails and calls by providing kind, helpful and relevant support), answering press releases and escorting guests, I was able to implement some of my communication and linguistic abilities. I’ve been working regularly for the last four years in different event enterprises. Through these experiences, I’ve been able to acknowledge that my determination, good relationship skills, and sense of responsibility are my biggest strengths. For my last event I was the team leader due to my experience and for being trustworthy.

As a Master student, I had the chance to write an Induction Manual for a new corporate identity consultant in Virgin Active. I also developed a one year communication plan for St. Michaels Hospice charity, which included several digital strategies. I am currently attending Digital Communication Management and PR Skills modules, where I am improving my digital, writing and oral skills, working with clients such as IKEA.

In my Communication Sciences degree (University of Lisbon) I took part in some interesting projects which involved coming up with effective plans and many times executing them, developing websites and social media platforms. All of these projects required organisation and creativity. For instance, in the Advertising and PR module, I developed an organisational social responsibility plan for one of the most important bottled water brands in Portugal (from research to the development of a website). For other module I organised a conference – including the definition of the subject, contacting lecturers and sponsors, the event’s operationalisation and its publicity in social media. My bachelor dissertation was also one of my greatest accomplishments: after an intensive investigation on the international promotion of Portuguese fruits, I was recognized with an overall mark of 1. At this moment, I am in process of submitting it as a scientific article.

My education and professional experiences so far have stimulated my particular interest in the decision making/ process of persuading people and making them change their habits. Later on, when those habits are conquered, it is the effort of making people loyal to them.

This is what I can offer: a good understanding of the strategy behind entering new markets and making people adopt new behaviours, focusing on diplomacy and a planned digital engagement.